P&S Face Mask

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the questions we get asked most frequently, if your question is not answered below, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What are the benefits of ViralOff?

Viral reduction of 99% or more. In these times, we need to say little more. But to spell it out, there are many instances where you simply don't want viruses to thrive, be it in hospital wear, in operation scrubs, in facemasks, medical and mountain rescue team wear, and so on. But also, in certain consumer products that are on your face or easily touch your face. Many products will benefit from this protection as they also can be used longer. Washing over time will reduce the polygiene but because the face mask is treated with polygiene you will not need to wash as regularly as a standard cotton mask.

What are P&S face masks made with?

P&S Healthcare brings to you a 3 layer face mask complete with a new ViralOff® fabric with Polygiene Technology. Consisting of a layer of 100% spun cotton, a white polycotton layer and a layer of the new ViralOff® fabric. This fabric is treated with the latest Polygiene Technology completing the 3 layers of this mask. Along with the soft elasticated ear hooks and a wired nose bridge to help hold the mask securely in place.

What is ViralOff® fabric with Polygiene Technology?

ViralOff® polygiene technology is a treatment of textiles and other products that reduce viruses by over 99% over two hours. On a product treated with ViralOff®, over 99% of viruses in the treated material will be killed over a two-hour timespan*. This is tested by ISO18184:2019 and is an assurance that the product lives up to a standard of performance. ViralOff doesn't interfere with the skin's natural bacterial flora.

What colour do P&S face masks come in?

The P&S face mask is available in black and white and comes in 2 different sizes available to cater to different ages (Youth/Small Adult or Adult)

Are P&S face masks washable?

P.S facemasks are Washable and reusable - with the polygiene you do not need to wash after every use.

Where are P&S face masks Made?

P.S facemasks are designed and manufactured here in the U.K. ensuring we maintain the high quality and standards our brand has become known. We pride ourselves on being a British manufacturer who has been established for over 30 years.